Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Moebius Shawl

I also had a little time on Sunday to work on my next Doris Chan project, the Blue Alleghany Moebius Shawl. I am using Ritratto like the pattern does, but in a different colorway, so perhaps I should come up with a slightly different name! I had started this shawl right after I finished the Blue Curacao shawl at the end of December, and I got a few rows done. Then I put it down for a long while, I think because it just wasn't growing very fast. I guess I thought it would come together as quickly as the first shawl, but it is a very different yarn and pattern which is much slower going. But working on it on Sunday, I began to get a rhythm going with it, and now I think I will be able to finish it fairly quickly.

After discovering that my gauge was off on the Shoop Shoop capelet, I pulled this project back out and measured in carefully. My gauge on this one is spot on, which is good news, but when I looked the piece over, I noticed that it was puckering. So it came to work with me on Saturday, and when Dee arrived to put up the exhibit, I had her look at it too. Dee is my crochet guru - there just isn't anything that woman doesn't know about crochet - and sure enough, she was able to explain to me that the puckering is caused by the combination of all the chain 3s, which create a light fabric, and the areas of sc, which are much denser. Blocking should smooth the fabric out, although that makes me a little nervous. What if I screw up the blocking after all my work on the piece? But I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I am trying to be disciplined for once and only work on one Doris Chan project at a time. But I am itching to begin the Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl, too. That will definitely be my next project from Amazing Crochet Lace!

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Deneen said...

So pretty-I am debating substituting the yarn with something smoother-yes, I know the yarn makes the shawl, but I have been diligently searching online for substitutions.