Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Got Busy Last Night...

...and I finally finished another 7 WUA squares, bringing my total to an even 20.

These were supposed to be finished in January, so I only missed my deadline by a few days.

I haven't done much other crafting lately because I am still reading Jayne Ann Krentz like there is no tomorrow. I have decided that if January was any indication, 2009 is going to be my "year of reading frivolously". But at least now I have something to talk to my romance readers at work about!

However, I did have an epiphany of sorts last week. It occurred to me that if I am going to continue to do all this reading, I am going to have less time to knit and crochet. I'm ok with accomplishing less with my crafting this year. I actually think that I am feeling burned out after making 100+ projects for each of the past 2 years. However, I realized that I need to choose my projects more carefully if I am going to make fewer items. So this weekend, I am going to try to organize my thoughts and make some decisions about what I want to work on.