Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crochet in the Library

Last night at work, 2 members of my crochet guild came in to set up an exhibit in the library's display case. The theme of this year's exhibit is "Tools of the Trade", and I was quite impressed with how many tools crocheters use to create with. Of course, since I was at work, I didn't have my camera with me, so I don't have any pictures. Dee took a few pictures, though, and I have a feeling she will probably blog about the exhibit fairly soon.

Before she left, Dee checked out the library's collection of crochet books and was very happy with what she found. (My library has quite a collection of knitting and crocheting books. Gee, I wonder who's responsible for that?! lol) She suggested that I explain how library cards work here in CT, just in case my readers aren't aware of it, so here goes. Years ago, Connecticut did away with any sort of county government, which is why we have a statewide system. If you have a library card from your town of residence, you are able to use it in any public library in the state. The library may have to take a few moments to enter you into their computer system, but then you are good to use the library and take items out. We also have the ability to return books to any library in the state, and they will be transported back to the owning library within a few days.

Of course, given the price of gas these days, as in other states, CT libraries can also request books from other libraries for you. It may take a bit longer than going and getting it yourself, but it does save you some money. So if your hometown library doesn't have a great selection of books, don't despair. Also, don't be shy about asking your library for a book you are interested in. Libraries like to know what their patrons want, and especially with newer books, they will be happy to buy the book and hold it for you.

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