Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's Not As Bad As I Feared...

...but it is pretty bad. The final numbers* are in from the inventory. I own 743 skeins of yarn, equaling 152,699.5 yards. I got a little nervous when I was figuring out the mileage. I really didn't want to hit 100 miles of yarn. So I was relieved to find that I "only" have 87 miles of yarn in my stash! I still have wiggle room on my shopping spree tomorrow before I hit 100 miles!

What really surprised me is that I have over 130 different kinds or brands of yarn. And what especially dismays me is the list of 32 WIPs/UFOs that I need to deal with. That includes 4 projects that need to be frogged (if I can ever bring myself to do it), 2 scarves that might be frogged (I need second opinions on those), and 6 afghans that I either need to finish squares for or just sew existing squares together. On the other hand, I found 5 projects that really just need minimal finishing and will be done quickly. Sometimes I wonder why I put things down for so long.
On another note, we had some sad news yesterday in my crochet guild. One of our founding members passed away very unexpectly yesterday. She had struggled with health problems for the last year, but she was young enough that I really thought she would pull through. I don't have any specifics yet, though. Anyway, she was an early reader of this blog, and she always complimented me on it when she saw me. She was a very sweet lady and a beautiful crocheter, and we will all miss her terribly. Dee has a remembrance up on her blog today, too. So, hail and farewell, Ruth, and may you rest in peace.

*I have to qualify these numbers. For some reason, I didn't inventory my baby yarns, figuring I would do it in the spring when I start making preemie blankets and pull all those yarns out again. So it is quite possible that I am much closer to that 100 mile mark than I care to admit at the moment!


Anonymous said...

Wow that sure is an impressive stash.

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your guild member.

Milly said...

Well I think having 100 miles of yarn is something to be proud of! Say it loud, say it proud!

Allie said...

Nearly 100 miles of yarn sure is an impressive stash (I am currently refusing to complete my inventory of my knitting stash as I am too scared to find out the total mileage).

Criquette said...

So nice to know I'm not alone in the number of UFO's I have right now. I've been afraid to count them all up, but I think you have me beat by a few.

Happy New Year!

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