Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One More Doris Chan Post

Dee very kindly sent along some of the pictures she took at Sunday's meeting, so I thought I would do one more post on Amazing Crochet Lace.

As I looked throught the book initially, one of my immediate favorites among all the patterns was the Blue Curacao Shawl. The shape of the shawl looked so comfortable. Trying it on Sunday confirmed my suspicions. This shawl will stay put around your shoulders, but it's long enough that you could drape it and pin it in place if you wanted. However, I didn't like the feel of the mohair used in the model. So I took a look at my stash this week, and I found some yarn that I had gotten free several years ago when I belonged to a knitting guild. It is a smooth wool/camel blend in a very light brown, and I seem to have just enough for this project. This may be a crazy thing to say this time of year, but I need to start this project soon!

The other project that jumped out at me was the Moebius Shawl. It also looked perfect to wear at work. And again, trying it on confirmed what I thought. It is light and comfortable but warm. I really want to make this shawl out of the yarn used in the book, Ritratto. I just need to decide on a color. The blue is beautiful and would probably work with my wardrobe, but there is also a violet (#84 on the shade card) that really caught my eye. However, I will try to wait until the new year to buy any more yarn, so I have some time to decide!

And in case you are wondering if this book really deserves all the fuss everyone is making over it, I have to tell you that I had my copy of the book sent to me at work last week. Of course when it arrived, I immediately opened the package and started looking through it. What surprised me was how interested all of my co-workers were in the designs, even though most of them don't knit or crochet! So I really think this book is something special. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a shawl to start crocheting!

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