Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lovely Evening

After a delicious dinner at Appleby's with my dh last night, I made my way over to Borders to meet up with Dee and Grace, the president of our crochet guild. We spent two hours putting more sets together for the Salvation Army out of the various hats and scarves that have been floating around the club's stash. (Of course, I forgot my camera, but Dee should have some pictures up at some point!) Unfortunately, there was a dearth of mittens or gloves, but we will buy some to complete the sets. I'm not sure I have the exact number, but we should be able to donate between 60 and 70 sets to the Salvation Army this week, along with some baby items, some ponchos, and a couple of individual hats and scarves. Best of all, I may be able to help deliver all these items later in the week. Dee is still waiting for confirmation on when the delivery is going to happen.

It means a lot to me to be able to help with a donation like this at this time of year. I think it does more to put me in the mood for Christmas than all the decorations in the world put together!

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