Monday, January 25, 2010

This Post was Going to be about Charity Work...

...but that topic will have to wait just a little bit longer, because I am still having a love affair with shawls. I have managed to start another 3 shawls, for a total of 5 shawl WIPs. I keep seeing shawl patterns on Ravelry that I can't get out of my head. Once I find an appropriate yarn in my stash, I can't stop myself from starting the project. After the finishing marathon last year, I knew I was in for a serious bout of startitis, so I'm just going with it and enjoying myself!

First up, I started the South Bay shawlette from Lion Brand Yarn. (Sorry, the link requires free registration, if you aren't already registered with LB.)
I'm using 3 skeins of Filatura di Crosa Gioiello, which I originally bought on sale up at Webs for another Doris Chan moebius shawl. After making 2 moebius shawls, however, I am perfectly happy to use this yarn for a completely different pattern.

The I started the Tea Wrap, also from LB.
I am using 1 skein of Brooks Farm Duet, a dk weight yarn, that I bought at Rhinebeck a couple of years ago. Even though the picture doesn't do it justice, the colors of this yarn are just delightful.

And then, I started Saroyan. (Sorry, this pattern is available as a free Ravelry download only.)
I'm using 2 skeins of Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Worsted. The yarn is beautiful to touch and to look at. The pattern is one of 3 patterns that were inspired by the TV show Bones. Since that is one of my favorite TV shows, this pattern just seemed like a natural for me to make.

Believe it or not, even though January is ending soon, I still have hopes of finishing at least one of these shawls by the end of the month.


Taphophile said...

I'm sure they'll all be lovely. So hard to not cast on in the New Year, particularly when stash supplies the necessary. I cast on more socks last night just because the yarn was in my way on the ironing board and the needles were to hand. That's 4 WIPS and I was so trying to keep it to 3. Going to run off and try to finish something now. ;)

Sandy said...

What are you going to do with that many shawls? I was into making them about a year ago; but got that out of my system for, so know what you mean about getting hooked on something.


sandy said...

Thanks for the compliment on the purple and green scarf. Am enjoying learning how to make different patterns, and am improving my knitting; but still a long way to go.


Sandy said...

Me, making my blog rounds to pop in and say hi. Hope things are going well for you.


sandy said...

Visiting all Bridge Team Members this am to say Happy Easter


sandy said...

Me popping in again to see how you are.

Please swing by for a visit and let me know you're alive.


Sandy said...

Still worry about you, wanting to say hi.

sandy said...

Popping in to say hi to all Bridge and Beyond Members, to remind them we do collect knitted and crocheted items all summer. AND to be sure every knew about the fun contest associated with a milestone we’re soon to hit.

Hope to see you on the blog. Details Here

Sandy said...

Rounding today from Sandy's Space, soon to the hair dressers, get rid of the gray!

Sandy said...

Visiting all Bridge Members this am to remind everyone about the blog contest and FREE yarn giveaway. Also sending out a cordial invite to visit my Travel Blog.

Looking forward to your visits, have a great wkend.

Hope you're doing ok, been so long since you've blogged. Leaving you a (HUG)

Sandy said...

I last effort to say hi, still wondering where you are and how you are. If you ever come back to blogging, I do hope you'll swing by and let me know. As I seem to the only one here.

Sandy said...

Me again, popping in wondering how you are. Wanted you to know you're not forgotten.

Carole Morgan@ Split-Site PhD said...

I really like the shawls, especially with the dark blue yarn of Filatura di Crosa Gioiello. I really enjoy the show Bones, so it is interesting to see a pattern which is inspired by that show. I would love to see some more of your knitting work in the near future.

Doris Dugan said...

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